Bright Memories What if you could not only save a moment as a picture or video but you could save the feeling, the atmosphere
of your surroundings?

And what if you could change your room to make it feel like that moment, to use light as a memory bridge in the
same way you look at old pictures or play that one song to change your mood?

With modern sampling technology, complex algorithms, advancements in artificial lighting and modern
knowledge of human psychology this idea might be within our reach.

In the exhibition ”Ambient Atmospheres - Bright Memories” the two interaction designers Mattias Hallin and
Frederik Göbel explore how far ambiances are translatable and how a possible implementation might look like.
The shown artifacts are contextualized in an alternative future in which no virtuality exists and all technical
processes are overdrawn and symbolic. Visitors are invited to create their own interpretation of how exactly the
exhibited devices work and how they translate to our world of technology.

Bright Memories is a part of the Ambient Atmospheres research project aiming to spark a conversation about
the future of artificial lighting. The project explores how atmospheres are created, how we interact with digital
lights and in how far natural light settings are translatable to new contexts.

To ensure the safety of the visitors and to follow the current restrictions the number of visitors is limited to six
at the same time. Please book your preferred time slot.